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Content Creator Vs Copywriter – What’s The Difference?

Content creator vs copywriter – what’s the difference?

There’s a common misconception that a content creator is the same as a copywriter. So let’s quickly unravel the differences and see if one person can effectively fulfil both roles.

What does a copywriter do?

The copywriter writes copy that is predominantly for, but not limited to, advertisements. They take information, provided in a brief from a client, and present it in a new way. The aim is to make it as concise, informative, persuasive and interesting as possible. With a very specific goal in mind, each word needs to be intentionally selected. It is critical that the copywriter puts themselves into the mindset of their audience.

Copywriting forms just one part of an advertisement or piece of marketing. Other elements are graphics/photos, typography, layout and colour. These elements all need to work together in a cohesive whole to capture the reader’s attention as quickly as possible.

What does a content creator/marketer do?

Content marketing is aimed at increasing brand interest and awareness and because it needs to tell a story about the brand or product, it is naturally much more verbose than copywriting text.

The content creator considers a number of elements when constructing a piece of content, starting with the keywords that will drive up the company’s search engine ratings and draw the correct target audience to the company. In addition, it will consider the target market, as well as how the content will be shared and translated into social media platforms.

In order to make an impact, long-form copy needs to be authoritative, strategic and meaty. The meatiness is another way of getting both Google and your target audience to sit up and pay attention to your brand.

There are many forms of long-form content, not least of which are opinion pieces, case studies and white papers. These all have in common the fact that they are meant to endure over time and position the company as one that provides valuable information. Because the content creator is often writing content that they know very little about, in-depth research usually forms the majority component, with writing, redrafting and polishing being the final elements in the process.

Are there any similarities between copywriting and content creation? Yes! There is simply no negotiation on great grammar.

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