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Dumbing Down The Tech Talk

Dumbing down the tech talk

A question I am often asked by prospective clients is whether I am capable of writing content on industrial products and technology. I would certainly like to think so.

Something which I learned from a great mentor in my early days of B2B content creation is that one does not need to be an engineer to write about technology and technical matters. However, there are certain critical and non-negotiable elements that need to be present to ensure that content captures the reader’s attention and drives them to take action. This action could be calling the client’s company to order their gizmo or asking the client to propose a solution and provide a quote.

So these are some of the qualities your content creator needs to possess:

  1. Have an enquiring mind. They must want to find out more about what makes your product or service tick.
  2. Be a researcher par excellence. They need to know where to go to find interesting facts and stats that will supplement and enhance the content they write.
  3. The ability to grasp technical jargon and concurrently translate it into content that makes sense to the layperson.
  4. They need to be able to sell your brand’s differentiators/USPs to your target market without using PR puffery. Words and phrases that come to mind are ‘unique’, ‘one-of-a-kind’, ‘mind-blowing’.

Why not put my claim to the test? Email me on to discuss how I can put your brand top of mind with your target market through technically-sound, creative content.

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