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Making Sense Out Of Marketing

Making sense out of marketing

What do the following mean to you: algorithms, SEO, marketing automation, AI, customer journey, omnichannel, attribution, geofencing, micro-moments, smart content, hyperlocal, m-commerce and s-commerce? If you feel like you have fallen into an alternate universe, it could be that what you really need is a marketing consultancy to make sense of the marketing jargon and to get your brand on the right track.

Maybe you have somebody in-house who is involved in marketing your company and its brands, or perhaps it’s an expense you think you could do without? So now you are probably wondering why we would suggest that you might need to hire external help.

Let’s start at the beginning and identify what marketing is. The bottom line is that it helps to communicate the value of your brand to your prospective customers. It also keeps existing customers loyal to your brand and it creates a general brand awareness in the market (useful for attracting future fence-sitting customers).

So what are the benefits of using an external marketing consultancy?

  1. Reduced costs. No salaries are payable, no medical benefits, no pension scheme, no overheads, no paid leave and so on. A retainer, fitting your specific budget, is decided on and apart from discussed extras such as design and photography (if they aren’t a regular part of your contract), there will be no hidden or additional costs.
  2. Exposure of the marketing consultancy to a variety of clients, across a number of industries and markets, allows them to leverage their experience and knowledge of what works and doesn’t work, to find the right formula for marketing your brand.
  3. Access to a vast network of like-minded specialist consultants, such as graphic designers, website developers, videographers and photographers, who excel in their field of expertise.
  4. Creative focus. Marketing consultancies have made creativity and thinking out of the box their bread and butter, so it’s a dead cert that they will pull out all the stops to make your brand pop.
  5. Access to the latest marketing trends and tools. Because they work with marketing strategies on a daily basis, they are in touch with what is hot and happening in the market, making sure your brand is getting maximised exposure in the right places.
  6. You get to focus on your core competencies and on running your business. Leave the legwork up to the consultancy.
  7. A consultancy offers measurable results. Determining key performance indicators (KPIs) and communicating identifiable results to you means you can see what in your marketing plan is working and what is not. It allows your team to focus its energies on the correct target markets and the optimal way of communicating to them.

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