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Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Rome was not built in a day

There is a free app, developed by Manuel Ebert and known as The Most Dangerous Writing App, which is aimed at those writers who work best under pressure. However, if you stop writing for more than five seconds a notification will appear telling you that you have failed and (horrors!) your writing is erased forever.

While I have used this app to freeflow ideas when crafting content, I would not use it to create a final draft. Why do I say this? Good content requires the following elements:

  1. Polished interviewing skills – knowing what to ask your interviewee
  2. In-depth and targeted research – ensuring faultless facts and providing further food for thought
  3. A firm grasp of correct grammar
  4. Writing acumen and….
  5. Time! Time to create a rough draft, time to redraft, time to smooth out any rough edges.

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