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Multi-modal marketing

Building Brands is a multi-modal marketing and branding company that adopts a holistic approach that combines customer insight, strategy, co-creation and collaboration to improve customer experience and deliver superior business performance.

Whether your business growth is centred on acquiring new customers, growing and keeping existing customers or a subtle combination of these elements, Building Brands has a strategy to expand your bottom line and improve your organisation’s customer reputation.

Leading customer-centric brands use customer intelligence to inform their innovation and design. True customer-centric innovation puts the customer at the heart of innovation efforts and incorporates active customer participation. In a nutshell, knowing your customer is a critical cornerstone in your strategic growth and sustainability. Let Building Brands help you!


  • Strategic advice on corporate image management
  • Annual marketing and PR plan to meet the stated objectives
  • A dedicated, professional and talented team backed by relevant industry experience
  • Exposure in key media vehicles
  • Information on important media opportunities, and innovating new ones
  • A PR plan that works in synergy with advertising for best results
  • Fresh and creative approach to every marketing and PR initiative.


  • The ability to rapidly gain a thorough understanding of your business/brand
  • The ability to recommend innovative, cost-effective strategies
  • Media support due to nurtured relationships
  • Quick response time
  • Ability and commitment to meet deadlines
  • Nationwide reach through a network of associates and consultants.

Allyson Koekhoven

PR and Copywriting

Allyson has 37 years’ experience in corporate and agency public relations and publishing. She has successfully run her own copywriting and PR business, across a number of industries, for the past 25 years.

Bringing words to life and making brands sound sensational is her forté. Allyson has a strong and diverse network of media contacts for truly comprehensive coverage of information in the print and online media sector.

Riandi Appelgryn


Riandi has a solid marketing background, taking client concepts from grassroots level right through to market permeation. With a keen eye for business opportunities and creative ideas, she is able to determine what makes customers buy specific products and strategically apply this data to maximising brand development and growth.

Building Brands has the capacity to not only create marketing strategies for brands but for organisations as a whole, allowing complete promotion to identified target markets.

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