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Build Brand Awareness And Loyalty With Great Marketing Collateral

Build brand awareness and loyalty with great marketing collateral

While every organisation has different goals and budgets, businesses that create marketing collateral typically use it as a sales support tool. They leverage it to spread awareness and drive adoption for an offering.

Previously, marketing collateral was used to explain adjacent advertising materials like catalogues, brochures along with other sales supporting tools. Today, this term is mostly used within digital marketing and its implementation has increased significantly since the widespread proliferation of multimedia, blogs, and social media platforms. Here’s a list of commonly used marketing collateral:

1. Blog posts
2. Brand magazines
3. Brochures
4. Direct mail
5. Displays
6. E-books
7. Infographics
8. Logos
9. Podcasts
10. Reports
11. Reviews
12. Sell sheets
13. Social media
14. Specialty items
15. Testimonials and case studies
16. Videos
17. Visual content
18. Webinars
19. Websites
20. White papers.

According to SiriusDecisions, 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales.”

Why is good marketing collateral important?

  • It gives a face to your brand
  • Image is everything for a business
  • It established a connection with your target market
  • It communicates the value proposition of your business
  • It helps to generate buzz.

Not sure how to get started working on your marketing collateral? Building Brands has extensive experience, working with clients across a wide spectrum of markets, in putting together marketing collateral that informs, promotes sales, and encourages customer loyalty. Contact us to discuss your marketing collateral needs

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