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Print Is Not Dead

Print is not dead

Anyone who thought digital publishing would replace traditional printed publications, think again. So don’t make the mistake of putting all your ad spend online.

Here are two surprising facts for the print media detractors:

  • In the US, 70% of households with an income above $100,000 are newspaper readers. It also has a higher brand recall than the digital form of advertising.
  • 92% of 18-to-23-year-olds find it easier to read print over digital content (bet you didn’t see that coming!).

Because print publications have the benefit of remaining top of mind for longer (they are usually in a place where they can be easily accessed and referred to, and are often retained for various reasons), you need to make sure that your print ads create an excellent return on investment by following tried and tested formulas. Here are some of the things that make for an excellent print ad:

  1. Catchy headline – think Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign
  2. Great body content – get your message across in as few words as possible, and make it memorable
  3. Eye-catching, high-quality graphics – irrelevant or boring, run-of-the-mill pics will kill your ad
  4. Decisive call to action (CTA) – do you want them to visit your website, email you or call you?
  5. Contact details – if you are driving traffic to your website make sure they get to the right landing page for your ad’s intended purpose
  6. Excellent design – make sure you have enough white space (refer back to point 2 above)
  7. Make sure you clearly describe the benefits you offer (refer to point 2 above).

While it is possible for companies to put together an ad by themselves (this applies mainly to companies with large in-house marketing departments), it could be compared to sending your high-performance Ferrari to backyard Joe the mechanic for a service. Get the best ROI on your ad by choosing a team that ticks all the boxes.

Ask us how we do it.

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