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Wow Them With Your Website

Wow them with your website

Your website is your company’s identity document. It’s where customers go to read about your company, its values, visions, and products/services. It’s where you post blogs and white papers and where you share the latest company news with your market. For some, it’s also a place where customers can buy products in your eCommerce store.

So, it’s critical that the content you put onto your website – words, images and videos – tells your story clearly and concisely. Here are the three elements you need to consider when developing or upgrading your website:

  1. Attractive, but simple design, that draws the viewer into your website, encouraging them to read on and interact with your company. Don’t skimp here, a good website designer is worth their weight in gold. Most viewers can see immediately if cousin Fred quickly whacked up a website for you on a dubious design package.
  2. Engaging, well-written content. You want your website to have lots of informative and valuable content but you don’t want the site to be busy. Sounds like a contradiction, right? Many websites fail because there is just too much badly written (poor grammar and multiple spelling mistakes) content that waffles on for pages without saying anything worthwhile. Again, an experienced content creator will help to engage viewers, telling your story without boring them to death.
  3. Search engine optimisation (SEO). In order to move your company and products/services to the top of the search engine lists, you need to use the right keywords. There’s a common misconception that a keyword has to be just a single word. But that isn’t true; it can be a combination of possible search terms or phrases.

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