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What do you want in 2021?

Tackling 2021 head on Building Brands wishes you a prosperous 2021! Without stating the obvious, Covid-19 is still around, unemployment is still rife, and crime continues to loom its ugly head. So what makes 2021 different from 2020? We’ve all become a bit…

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Pay it Forward

While a large portion of our work at Building Brands is of a paid-for nature, we do believe that as part of our personal ethos, we need to pay-it-forward as well. Our pro bono work over the past three years has included…

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Did you know….?

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” ~ Milan Kundera With that said, here are some interesting stats we wanted to share with you: 30% of mobile searches are related to a location (Google, 2016) 61% of marketers…

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Making sense out of marketing

What do the following mean to you: algorithms, SEO, marketing automation, AI, customer journey, omnichannel, attribution, geofencing, micro-moments, smart content, hyperlocal, m-commerce and s-commerce? If you feel like you have fallen into an alternate universe, it could be that what…

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